Statement to news agencies by Lucio Manisco on the night of February 16th 2001

Tally-ho! Like the blooding of the hounds in British fox hunting George "Dubya" Bush managed today to get some Iraqi civilian blood on his ears at the beginning of his presidential hunt. A savage ritual going on since 1993. Clinton did the same the moment he reached the oval office: he unloaded 23 cruise missiles on Baghdad under the pretext of some plot to knock off Bush senior in Kuwait. Bush junior, that is Prince Regent Dick Cheney and his British butler, claim Iraqi interference with US and UK air operations over the so called no flight zones, which have not been authorized by the United Nations, are acts of war in time of peace and a blatant violation of international law. It goes without saying the US Administration does not give a hoot about international law, the Geneva conventions or the UN: so it will go on bombing Baghdad, maybe as soon as next week, and the European allies – with the exception of the French – will acquiesce : the same way they have been acquiescing to the genocidal sanctions which have killed in a decade more than a million and a half Iraqi civilians, most of them children under five years of age. It is true, by the end of the year 2000 the sanctions were crumbling and the air blockade was being ignored by daily charter flights to Baghdad. Today’s bombing is supposed to put an end to all that and open the way to the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998, a copycat version of the Contras operation against Nicaragua. Death from above, peace on earth: scorched Iraqi earth, more suffering, more blood and the perfidious Saddam Hussein growing stronger by the day, while western journalists tow the Washington line without a whisper of criticism or dissent. Gone are the days of Peter Arnett: stockholders all of the new economy, their eyes glued 24 hours a day to CNBC, convinced that nothing like a small dirty war can stop the collapse of Wall Street.