The Hon. Lucio Manisco questions the real intentions of Solana and Patten.


January 29th 2003


Mr. Solana, Mr. Patten:

may we ask what are you doing to translate into action your professed will to avoid war, beyond reasserting the need to disarm this awful Iraq regime, beyond formally relying on the Security Council to do the job, or even trusting Mr. Powell to testify as an eye-witness that Bin Laden has been bedding with Saddam. the problem, Mr. Solana and Mr. Patten, is that the decision to bomb and bomb Iraq into a morgue unfit for the dead has been taken long time ago on the Poṭmac, and people all over the world have understood and are angry and are mobilizing against it.

It is all very well to say that we must enhance the role of the United Nations, but, may I ask, who is demeaning that role, who is proclaiming every day that, with or without the UN, war will be unleashed probably by March 6th whatever the Security Council might or might not say.

On solid evidence we do not know if this bloody Dictator still has these awful weapons, nor Mr. Blix knows it. But what the US is asking from Saddam is not to prove his innocence, but to provide evidence of his guilt, that is, to put a noose around his neck, to be hanged, or bombed to smithereens. If this were a criminal case, it would be thrown out of any court.

So we detect in the words of Mr. Patten quite a lot of ambiguity, obfuscation and the undeclared will to follow the warmongering lead of Washington, hoping that the UN will provide the desired fig leaf.

This is a defining moment for Europe: this Union must reclaim the moral and rational initiative and first of all save itself from some of its leaders.


Thank you Mr. President