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The convening by GUE/NGL of the States-general (états généraux)

of Europe

against war and for people's rights.


Paris, February 24th-28th 2003


A summary:


Although hope is the last to die, the Empire's war against Iraq is a political certainty. Participation of british, french, israelis forces, indirect involvement of other EU and Middle East countries will have catastrophic consequences for Europe beyond the genocidal devastation of the Iraq's people and its national identity, and it might be accompanied by the expulsion of 1.800.000 Palestinians, other wars of conquest in the Middle East, etc.

All indications point to such a tragic event taking place in the first week of march: the first "scenario" planned by the Pentagon and Langley includes US precision bombing of Bagdad, Republican barracks, communication and strategic centres, the assassination of Saddam Hussein and a coup d'état by "dissident" Generals supported by american and british commandoes and special forces. In case of failure, the second and worse scenario foresees a second, more intense air and missile bombing with the possible use of 1 or 2 nuclear tactical devices and the invasion of whatever is left of the country with the establishment of a US military administration.

Last december's public opinion polls indicate that a majority of European citizens is against such a mad and tragic enterprise, is in favour of a prolonged presence of UN inspectors and the lifting of sanctions. A Security Council carte-blanche under 1441 - with or without a second resolution - is a fig-leaf for military intervention invoked by the british, french, spanish and now german governments: a major terrorist plot or attack against civilian targets in Europe (far beyond the discovery of derivatives of castor oil purgative) - eagerly expected and anticipated by the above mentioned governments - might instantly provide such a fig-leaf.






The question to-day (as in 1914) is what the European Left is going to do to respond to the wishes of the people and to try to stop such a war, beyond the passing of parliamentary resolutions or organising some post-facto protests.

What is being suggested is the convening by the GUE/NGL of a comprehensive European Assembly - which might or might not be called the States-general of Europe against war and for people's rights - in Paris during the "yellow week" of 24-28 february 2003. It should be promoted by the general secretaries of the political parties represented in the GUE/NGL, of the parties like the socialist, green or liberal ones in the EP which have taken a stand - without "if" and "buts" - against the war and by dissenting political representatives in other parties like British New Labour.

It should primarily include the participation of the leaders of the no-global movement and european and US intellectuals, politilogists and journalists like Gunther Grass, Noam Chomski, John Pilger, Scott Ritter, Ken Coates, Pietro Ingrao, Ignacio Ramonet, Antonio Tabucchi and others from every and each country of the EU.

The Paris Conference or Assembly should be accompanied by the organising of civil disobedience, passive resistance and a massive mobilizing of one or two peace-demonstrations - in Place de la Bastille or somewhere else in the french capital: the general purpose of all these events has to be a maximum impact on the world mass media presently dominated by the US propaganda machine.

An immediate step should be the strengthening of the press office run by Gianfranco Battistini with the input of personnel from each component of GUE/NGL: lack of objective information - data, articles, statements, not propaganda - about the events leading to war and of coordination of all the peace movements is the most destructive weapon in the hands of warmongers.



Lucio Manisco